How to Hold a Shotgun


Recently, I felt the need to purchase a shotgun. It began after Creek’s post on how you can build a survival gun. The desire to create a survival shotgun only intensified after I became a homeowner. (I’m almost like Kevin McAllister). The gun is an ideal weapon for disaster planning and home defense. It is powerful, reliable, versatile and easy to use. You can use this to protect your home, hunt for food, or shoot skeets with your friends.

But, as I’ve said before, I’m still very new to guns. While I grew up with them, I never took an interest until recently. Before I brought my shotgun home, Iensurede I knew everything about it and 209 primers in stock how to fire it correctly.

So I flew to the U.S. Shooting Academy, Tulsa. OK. I met Mike Seeklander, the Academy president and cohost on Outdoor Channel’s The Best Defense. Mike has previously provided articles on how to shoot a handgun or rifle. He taught me the fundamentals of how to fire a shotgun. Mike’s lessons are what I will be sharing today with anyone interested in owning a gun for the first time.

Shotguns may be fired from the shoulder and hit targets at short distances. Contrary to handgun and rifle cartridges that only fire one projectile each, shotgun cartridges can fire multiple missiles. Instead of firing single ammunition like handguns or rifle cartridges, the shotgun cartridge will fire several pellets called shots that spread out from the gun’s barrel. Because one cartridge can only fire one projectile, energy from each shot is dispersed among several pieces. Shotguns are considered short-range weapons.

Break-action shotguns have hinges between the barrel and the gu, allowing you to break or open the barrel to expose its breech. If you have seen photos of cowboys or big-game hunters holding shotguns, it was probably a break-action shotgun. Break-action shotguns come with double barrels. They can have their barrels placed on top or side by side. They’re used mainly by hunters or sports shooters. Break-action shotguns suffer from the fact that they only fire one round per barrel.

Pump-action shotguns can hold multiple shots and are single-barrel. Pulling a pump handle towards your face can remove spent shells and chamber new rounds. Then push the barrel back into its original position. Due to their reliability and ability to hold multiple games, pump-action shotguns are popular among police forces worldwide. The American police forces have been using the Remington 870 shotgun as a backup weapon for many years. While the U.S. military is partial to the Mossberg 500, the Remington 870 has been their go-to shotgun for years.

There is general agreement in the firearms industry that pump-action shotguns are the best for home defense. They are very reliable and easy to use. Not only that, but the sound you make when you insert a hot shot into a pump action 12 gauge will ruin the britches even of the most inept criminal. You can get them for as low as $200. When firing a pump-action gun, you must avoid short-stroking. It would help if you didn’t push the gun back to its initial position. This can result in the magazine being unable to chamber the next shot.

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