You need to be familiar with your gun so you can use it correctly. A lot of gun stores and firing ranges offer training on how you can safely handle a firearm. California law requires that you demonstrate your ability to safely use a firearm before you may purchase it. You should practice shooting your new firearm. You’ll become more comfortable shooting it the more time you spend with it. Make it a habit that you go to the local firing range regularly to practice.

You are making an important investment when you purchase a firearm. It is important to do everything you can to protect your investment. You can easily cause gunmetal to rust or corrode from environmental mossberg 940 factors such as humidity, dust, and oil. Keep it clean, and wash it after each use of your firearm. If your firearm gets wet, dry it quickly.

It is important to secure your firearm against theft or unauthorised access by children or anyone else who has no business being around a gun. You can do this by keeping your gun safe or in a gun vault. You may have believed you had never owned a gun before. You might have fired the shotgun of your cousin at the farm 20-years ago and need a refresher to get ready for the big responsibility of gun ownership.

Millions upon millions of people, from all walks and backgrounds, have purchased firearms in record quantities. As more rational people reject the culture warfare around this topic to recognize that self defense remains very important even in a modern society, they are buying guns in record numbers. People of color, liberals, urbanites, women and other people of color are among the fastest growing firearm owners.

We welcome everyone, no matter what background or politics. We believe in responsible gun ownership. Our communities and civil debates would be better if people had a solid understanding of the topic before arguing about it or fearing it. You don’t get more comfortable following these rules as you become more experienced. In fact, most gun owners who have been through the process are the most steadfast about them because they recognize how important they are. You’ll often hear the old guard yell “Muzzle discipline!” at the range when someone is aiming in the wrong way.

It is your responsibility for firearm safety and security. A staggering 1.7million children live in homes that contain unlocked firearms but they are loaded. It is possible to face severe legal sanctions for being careless when you handle a gun. Don’t worry, if it’s your first shot, you don’t need to worry. Shops love new shooters, because you’re a new client that will continue buying new toys. Say you’re new to this, and that you’re looking for assistance.

Cultural differences shouldn’t make you feel intimidated when you go to a gun store. Even if your Bernie/Warren 2020 shirt is the most proud-flag-waving, any store worth their salt will treat all customers the same as a cowboy with an NRA hat. Most legitimate businesses behave this way, and it’s a good thing. If they don’t, thank them and then leave.

You should only buy a legitimate source if you make an online purchase. It is possible to sell guns to others online, but this must still be subject to a background check. You can find good deals and bonafide people on those sites, but you are likely not able to spot the scammers as a novice shooter. You’ll soon realize that it’s likely too late. Guns go through a lot.

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