guide you to get over your nervousness and make this experience an amazing one


Whether you’ve ever worked as an escort or with an agency doesn’t matter. You need to be able to provide a safe and reliable service. These tips and tricks are intended to help you and answer any questions you might have. You are the boss of everything, starting with the essential rule. As an escort, you are your image and persona’s manager, owner, and distributor. You are always entirely in control of your vision and individual being. You shouldn’t feel obliged to allow someone to do something that you don’t like. You have the right to say no! No rules say you have to do a sure thing or comply with a client’s instructions. You will feel robust and secure if you take control of your body.

You are entirely in control of your image. You don’t have to look or act in a way that is not natural to you. Respect your individuality and style. People will appreciate your authenticity more than what you think is trendy. However, hygiene and cleanliness are essential. Showering before this site and after appointments is a good idea, if possible. This will help you keep clean and fresh between positions. Keep a small pouch or purse stocked with hand sanitizers, mints, feminine wipes, and deodorant/body spray for any work you do. You will feel clean and fresh while you work with the public.

Condoms, lubrication, and hair ties are also essential items to have with you. It is necessary to be always safe to avoid STDs and other transmitted diseases. For the safety of both you and your client, condoms or other forms of protection are always recommended. Even if the client offers you an extra incentive to have sex with security, you risk your health and safety. You have the right not to accept money that could put your security at risk. If they insist, you have the right to refuse service. Remember that you are the boss of the body. You set the rules.

Clients may sometimes provide drinks or party favors (drugs/alcohol). It is entirely up to you to decide what you do and don’t do in this situation. It is essential to remain professional and safe in your encounter. Keep your eyes open and alert so you can make informed decisions. While the agency provides security by having both the driver and the agency be aware of your appointment and keeping an eye out for when you check in or out, you still have to take responsibility for the safety of the client and any interactions you make with them. The shift is a Calgary resource that is located downtown. They have a lot of resources available for Calgary sex workers and are worth getting to know.

There is an increasing demand for sexual services for example, between 59 and 80% of men have had sex at least once. It’s 75% in Thailand and 16.7 to 45% in Italy. Don’t be afraid to contact a sex worker if you are nervous.

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