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Let’s look at federal regulations before discussing how to purchase a firearm (Gun Store or online). The rules for buying firearms vary from state to state (some have additional firearm requirements), depending on whether you are buying from a gun dealer or a private seller.


You can buy a firearm online and deliver it to a local gun shop. FFL dealers have a Federal Firearms License, which allows them to meet the background check requirements and physically transfer the firearm to your Tactical Gear. We won’t cover private-party gun sales, where a private seller sells a firearm to another individual in a private transaction that doesn’t involve a licensed dealer.


According to state law, these private gun sales without a licensed dealer conducting the transfer are legal in many states. Under US law, a gun dealer is required to complete an online sale. We will, therefore, only focus on Federal regulations. You’ll have to “transfer” the gun to you through an FFL transfer when you buy a firearm from an FFL. You can transfer a firearm by filling out Form 4473, the ATF’s firearms transaction record.


Form 4473 asks for information regarding the identity of purchasers and requires that they answer a series of questions to verify that they are not prohibited, persons. You must meet the requirements for a background check after completing Form 4473. Using the National Instant Criminal Check System, your FFL will run a federal background investigation on you.


Some states, however, have their requirements. Some states require additional forms or processes (we’re talking to you, California), while others use their background checks through their law enforcement agencies. Finding an FFL willing to sell you a gun is the first step in buying a firearm online! We know you read our gun reviews and are eager to purchase your firearm online. But it will help if you see the address where it will be sent.


Many people get their FFLs because it can be challenging to find a willing FFL (even though this is usually easy), and there’s a chance the FFL will charge a high transfer fee. If you start your own firearms company, you can have guns shipped directly to you—no need to depend on another FFL. You can get your FFL from home and deliver your firearms directly.


Buying a firearm online is possible, but knowing where to send the purchase will help you during the checkout. You should also be aware of state laws that may affect your ability to purchase a firearm, such as a shotgun or rifle. You should then arrange the transfer once you have confirmed that the FFL will accept your online firearm and you agree with the fees.


You can do this by letting them know you plan to buy a gun and ship it to them. You can give them your contact info so they know how to reach you when the firearm arrives. They will often give you a copy to use. They may also want to send a copy directly to the online store.

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