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The Dollar General Literacy Foundation accepts summer, family, and adult grant applications. The funds promote literacy and learning through various programs, including helping children read in summer, reading to adults, and preparing them for high school equivalency exams.

Applications for youth literacy grants will also be accepted. Youth literacy grants are available to schools, public libraries, and non-profit organizations that help implement new literacy programs or expansions. The funding can purchase new equipment, books, software, or other materials to improve literacy programs. For more information about the Dollar General Literacy Foundation grants, visit find more info .

Dollar General Literacy Foundation grants funds each year to non-profit organizations, schools, and libraries within a 15-mile radius of a Dollar General distribution center or store. These funds support literacy programs for adults, families, youth, summer, and adults. The Dollar General Literacy Foundation partners with national literacy organizations such as the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy and XPRIZE Foundation. This foundation supports organizations that improve access to education, encourage and enable innovation in educational instruction, and inspire a love for reading.

Dollar General’s commitment to literacy and education is grounded in the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and J.L. Turner, the company’s co-founder. Turner. Turner was a third grader and functionally illiterate. He dropped out of school to help his family. Cal Turner, Jr., Turner’s grandson, was the former CEO of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. It was founded in 1993 by Turner. The Dollar General Literacy Foundation was established nearly 28 years ago. It has given grants totaling more than $186 million to non-profit organizations. This has helped more than 12,000,000 people take their first steps towards literacy and continuing education.

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation offers a student referral program for individuals interested in learning English, reading, or speaking English. Online referrals to local organizations that provide free literacy services can be made here. Referral cards are also available in the Learn to Read brochures, which are available at every Dollar General cash register.

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